What makes our teething jewellery unique?

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What makes KangarooCare unique? Our wooden beads are made out of Estonian (European) sustainably sourced wood. Each wooden bead has a (slightly) unique shape because these beads have been cut out by hand. These are not your ideal perfectly round factory made beads! Our beads store the warmth of the hands and heart; they smell like a real forest, are smooth to the touch and have great vibes.

Wooden beads have been finished with local organic rapeseed oil, which is completely safe and non-toxic for your little one. We DO NOT use any lacquer to cover the beads nor any chemical scent. The scent that is coming from the beads is the natural smell of the wood.

Here at KangarooCare we stand for #nosilicone, #noplastic, we never use anything besides wood & cotton. And we are very proud about it!

We use beads & pendants made out of local oak wood, apple wood or juniper wood.

Oak Wood - oak wood is well known all over the world by it's firmness and durability. I really love this wood type because it has a wonderful light brown color (like coffee with milk) and very stable pattern. The oak wood doesn't have any smell, and stays beautiful even after many washings :)

Apple wood - the color varies from a very dark chocolate brown, to a light brown. May contain some creamy white stripes and spots. This wood type is really beautiful, and is very sturdy&smooth. It is totally normal for the apple wood to become lighter and drier after getting wet.

Juniper wood - the color varies from a light creamy white to yellowish. The juniper wood smells, and this smell is divine!!! If someone asks I always recommend choosing a juniper wood necklace because of it's smell and healing properties. This wood type may be patterned, and some brown, black, or even orange spots ans stripes are completely fine and the item is still safe for your baby to play with and chew on. The juniper wood is "softer" then the apple wood, that's why I would't recommend the juniper necklace for the teething toddlers, and/or "hardcore" chewing. This doesn't mean that the juniper wood is not meant for babies, I just want to say, that you must be more gentle with it. It is safe for teething, and won't get "dry" as quickly as the apple wood.

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