My name is Varya, I'm a wife and mom of three kids (and a dog! xoxo)  We are a vegetarian family, and we live in Estonia which is a small country in the Northen Europe.
Let me tell you a bit of how the KangarooCare started. I've been making things since a was just a child. I've always been knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, and so on. I LOVE making things by hands. I really think it's one of talents given me by God. When my daughter was born, and I've breastfed her, we've had problems with latching, and she also got distracted too easily, which only got worse and worse. Then I made my first nursing necklace for her out of crochet & wooden beads. You can't imagine how it has helped us! I made more of these nursing & teething necklaces, so that I could combine them with different outfits. Everyone kept commenting on these necklaces telling me they look awesome, and no one ever thought these were actually meant for nursing & teething. 
I've decided to open a shop, and that's how a KangarooCare was born. Since then - KangarooCare grew A LOT. Now we are offering lots of different nursing & teething necklaces, bracelets, teething rings made out of natural wood & cotton covered beads. I am proud we still make them by hand (with my mom) here in Estonia. Our wooden beads are produced locally out of sustainably sourced wood. Wood & cotton are the only "ingredients" that we use. #neversilicone and #neverplastic is what we stand for. Hope that you, Earthy Mama, will appreciate it!
Enjoy browsing our shop and feel free to contact me anytime you have questions, concerns and ideas. 
Much love, Varya
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KangarooCare is a brand for the eco-friendly, providing safe and handmade nursing necklaces and teething jewellery made out of wooden and crochet beads. Our beads are truly unique, as they are hand crafted out of Estonian (European) sustainably sourced wood. These are not your perfectly round factory made beads! Our beads store the warmth of the hands and heart; they smell like a real forest, are smooth to the touch and have great vibes. Everything at KangarooCare is:  ♥ 100% natural and handmade in Estonia (Europe) ♥ Perfect for breastfeeding and babywearing, as the beads help to catch your...
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KangarooCare's functional beaded teething necklaces work GREAT for all you breastfeeding and babywearing moms. Your baby will enjoy playing with your beads while sitting on your lap or in a baby carrier. It's completely baby-safe, because it's made with raw wooden beads and sturdy cotton string. Safe for your little one to grab and chew on!  
Breastfeeding mom jewelry, nursing necklace, teething necklace, necklaces for moms!
What makes KangarooCare unique? Our wooden beads are made out of Estonian (European) sustainably sourced wood. Each wooden bead has a (slightly) unique shape because these beads have been cut out by hand. These are not your ideal perfectly round factory made beads! Our beads store the warmth of the hands and heart; they smell like a real forest, are smooth to the touch and have great vibes. Wooden beads have been finished with local organic rapeseed oil, which is completely safe and non-toxic for your little one. We DO NOT use any lacquer to cover the beads nor any chemical scent. The scent...